Thursday, October 24, 2002

It's all lies.

It's all lies.

There is internet in Syria (and melons too).

Mind you, it's expensive, everything's backwards (the cross to close the program indow is in the top left and the 'back' button points to the right) and the cafe's run by a dodgy aussie running some kind of proxy software to get around the national site-blockers. Reminds of days back at CapOne getting around In7053x's http proxy...

Everything's groovy, Aleppo intense, Palmyra fantastic, sun incredibly fierce and tiring, Arabic difficult. Oh yes, and we lost one guy off the roof of the truck yesterday (in the middle of the desert) and spent a tense afternoon driving to and then getting him patched up in hospital. He's ok now, but has three of his limbs in plaster. Oops.

Off to Krak des Chevaliers this afternoon (almost wrote this 'arvo... there's no hope left...)


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