Friday, February 10, 2006

The good old days

I'm back in KL at the moment, and making the most of Harvey's broadband and the rainy day outside. I have now posted all the old emails recovered from my previous travels in Central Asia and the Middle East. Use the Archive links on the bottom-right of all the pages, or the links below, to relive those glorious days. I'm still missing the first email from my Central Asian travels - it's called "Spike, Bob and Barney" and was sent in late August or early September 2002, so please take a look through your email archives if you're a well organised data hoarder like Alex and Ralf.

September 2002 - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

October 202 - Turkmenistan to the Middle East including my time in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

November 2002 - Middle East and Egypt including Syria, Jordan and my trip up the Nile and back again in Egypt.


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