Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Neverending Nothingness

A long, hot, two day drive carried us away from Terkerkibe; north and west towards Ghadames. The drive, on a reasonable road, took us through seemingly neverending featureless desert plains, with barely a town, power line or stray plastic bag to break the monotony.

We camped in the desert overnight, a few hundred metres from the road, behind a rocky ridge, and people started to open up and talk about the accident on the dunes. It was this night that I pieced together what had happened and how the car that crashed had gone over the dune too fast, caught its tailgate and been flipped onto its roof.

A moment's silence, to contemplate our thoughts.


The following day the drive continues. Barely a bend, or rock, or passing vehicle to break today's monotony - overland travel is not always glamourous or exciting. Our local guide, Bilal, estimated today's journey as a few hundred kilomtres. He was very wrong and the drive goes on and on.

We finally reach a small town called Derj and stop for lunch. Late that afternoon we finally arrive in Ghadames and hot showers, crash admin and internet time consume the whole evening.


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