Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Departed (film review)

Went to view Scorsese's latest film last night, The Departed.

It's very good (8/10) - go and see it, then read on.

Scorsese seems to be developing quite a love affair for DiCaprio - after proving he could hold a fight scene in Gangs of New York and showing that he can act in The Aviator, DiCaprio combines both talents to steal the show in The Departed, his third(?) Scorsese film.

Perhaps part of it comes from acting alongside the ever-wooden Matt Damon, but the viewer is drawn in by DiCaprio's underdog character and finds themselves rooting for him to win the day/girl/battle/war.

Overall the film is engaging, twisted, raw, occasionally bloody and yet in some places laugh-out-loud funny. It's the kind of ride that I believe the best cinema should take you on, but it clearly would not be to everybody's taste.

Some (rhetorical) questions are left with me, though...
- Why was Sullivan studying law? He seemed to be rotten and remorseless to the core, interested only in self preservation and making money.
- Why does Dignam return? Does Madolyn send him Billy's package?
- Why does Billy run when Sullivan goes to sort out his files? He's seen the envelope but does he just freak out or is he afraid of something in particular? He doesn't take any particular evidence and it would have seemed more in character to play along, smile sweetly and *then* settle the score.


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