Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Photos from Cuba

The first set of pictures from my travels is now online, please use the URLs below.

These pics are from my trip to Cuba, more will follow over the coming weeks (it will be Cuba, then Central Asia, then Middle East)!

Set 1 - Home-Madrid. Stop off in Madrid for a week before flying on to Cuba.
Featuring Maja, some Koreans going mad in a bar following a goal against italy in the world cup, a waterfall full of soap after the huelga general, Danny, Mohsin & Selima and Homa & Steve.

Set 2 -
- Central Havana. The Capitolio (modeled on the Capital building in Washington DC), the national theatre, street baseball, the Cuban flag and the world's longest bus queues (for the world's longest buses).
- Plaza de la Revolucion. Ché Guevara, Jose Marí, more Cuban flags and vultures circling over Havana.



If you want any more info about any of the pics, drop me a line or make a mental note to ask me next time we meet!


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