Wednesday, April 09, 2003

More photos from Cuba

Time for more photos from the Archive.

6 sets from Cuba, plus Peace Marches viewed from the Eye and pics from the two NE&T dinners.


039 Peace Eye. View of the marches from the Eye, Alice ponders World Peace... then decides that a world of Peas would be better.
(not online yet!)

040 NE&T 2.1. Pictures from the first NE&T dinner since the renaissance, at Sarastro's. If you don't like your photo email me and I'll take it offline. To everyone else - take a look QUICK before the most embarrassing photos are taken off :)
(not online yet!)

044 NE&T 2.2. Pictures from the latest NE&T dinner, at Detroit Bar. Followed by a couple of snaps of a random geezer giving an interview from a Rickshaw and some pics from a sunny morning after in Cambridge. Again, if you don't like your photo email me and I'll take it offline.
(not online yet!)

Cuba 02c - Havana living. The view from my room, a night trip to see the cañons fired, some of the teachers and students at the spanish school and a glimpse inside the national museum.

Cuba 03a - Trinidad 1. Views of the town, a coming-of-age party in the back of a convertible classic car, a hike up the mountain behind town and a dog named 'Gasolina'.

Cuba 03b - Trinidad 2. A spooky church, more views of town, a dog very scared of a cat, tiny crabs, an enormous lizard and street life.

Cuba 04 - Camaguey. More dramatic churches, an electrical storm, the local master playing damas (draughts), colourful market, colourful characters and the Irish lasses.

Cuba 05 - Holguín. Street-baseball, a sunny graveyard, a juxtaposition of telecommunications and religion and the view from the top of lots and lots and lots of steps.

Cuba 06 - Baracoa. The beach, divers, Columbus ('cos this is where he landed and planted a 6' wood and silver cross), the remains of the cross (tourists kept taking slivers), jamming in the streets (I was on Maraccas!), Hatuey (who spent his life fighting the missionaries and is now memorialised by a bust facing the church which houses Columbus' cross) and some ici-taxi drivers.


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